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She lifts me up - Anonymous

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

She lifts my head above the clouds

To show me to be proud

She exposed to me a world where I was misled

Into believing I was ahead

She taught me to embrace learning

Instead of simply observing

She told me to laugh and giggle

Even when the monsters in my head come to fiddle

She demonstrated to me consideration and empathy for others

For those who have even wronged their own brothers

She fought and cried for me

When I gave up and lost all my energy

She showed me how to love

When I was raised to believe that was only for doves

She begged me to put my ego and prejudices aside

And have the humbleness to recognize my mind is in a landslide

She dared me to be honest with my friends and family

To be brave and ask for help in a time of calamity

She’s thinking about leaving

I feel my entire existence fleeting

I’ll do anything to keep her at bay

Even if it puts my mind in harms way

I’ll shut my mouth and muffle my thoughts

At least she will be content, while I will be distraught

Maybe I can speak my mind and she can speak her’s too,

That way we both can see the problem from a view

An uncomfortable voice whispers in my ear: “This is what she was talking about”,

”This is why she is bailing out”

An uneasy tension consumes my mind as it churns blue

Damned if I don’t, Damned if I do

I don’t know what to do or what to say

But I have a strong feeling, it’s gonna be another rough day

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