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Blind - August Nitzschke

I didn't see it happen

Or maybe I did,

And chose ignorance over acceptance.

Your cries of victory as you stood over your vanquished foe,

Stuffing littering the floor around you in a picture of imaginary viscera,

Have now become cries of fear, because the distance from the bed to the floor has become too far for you to reach.

I should have seen it happen,

If I did,

Would I have valued our time together more?

You are smaller now,

No longer smothering me in my sleep,

Rather keeping me awake to ensure you are still breathing.

I didn’t want it to happen,

Sixteen years is not enough for a soul like yours,

I curse the clock on the wall as the seconds tick on.

You are tired,

I can see that now,

When you close your eyes, may you wake up young and free.


August Nitzschke is a student at Emporia State University in Kansas finishing a degree in English and creative writing. This poem was written in tribute to the loss of a very special pet who stood by her side for years and helped her through some of her worst times. 'Blind' is a breakdown of the emotions that August felt as she witnessed his decline from life.

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