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Forget Society - Shirley Jones Luke

It’s not about walking on the wild side, who chose the wild side anyway? It’s about creating your path and making your moves. Don’t swim with everyone else, swim against the tide. Wear bold, bright colors under an egg-yellow sun. Dance to a reggae beat in fishnet stockings. Your heels should be as high as your standards. Mine are 100 feet high. Laugh when you want. Smile when you want. Choose to read anime in your pajamas as zen music plays in the background. Don’t listen to those who tell you it’s too much, too loud or too late. If it’s too much, then they’re not enough. If it’s too loud, then it’s not loud enough. If it’s too late, then ignore the last bell. You are in charge of you. Your joy is your own. You are a club of one. Your life experiences are your own. No one can tell you how to live your life. No one is the boss of you - not even your boss. If you want a new job, go get it. If you want to travel, pack your bags. If you want to start a business, get your plan together. Sing your song. Write your story. Do what makes you feel alive. Society can be a cage. You are not a machine. Your rage can break chains. Those who stand in your way do so out of fear. They want to be in society’s cage. Break free. Break loose. Run through a field. Frolic. You deserve to. Forget society. Because we all know, society will forget you.


Shirley Jones Luke is a poet and writer from Boston, Mass. Ms. Luke is an educator and a public speaker. Shirley write poetry about culture, family, and society.

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