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In The Reach of The Sun - Lauren Childs

What is time but an infinite roar of everything after

And everything before

I read the first life enabled to form

On the planet was teeming in the sea

I believe our love was burning with it

Swimming with the fish and flailing in the waves

Then it was covered in dirt

Clawing for the reach of the stars

It grew through a rock

And it caught itself on a branch

A caterpillar begging for wings

It flew to to the west

And landed by the Pacific

The gold drip of this sun

Melting onto the sands,

The shadows of the diamonds that held

Themselves in the sky

I think I did understand to love you

Even before the manifestation of the moon

In some sort of light

I knew it was you


My name is Lauren Childs, and I'm a poet based in both Wyoming and Los Angeles. I find my power in self-expression and the nobility of truth, which I celebrate in my work. As a proud Latina and member of the LGBTQ+ community, my poetry celebrates the interconnectedness of all things, inspired by my personal experiences and desire to explore the complexities of identity, spirituality, and our relationship with the world around us.

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