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Natalie Nascenzi - Go fall in love

Go fall in love…

Let life wrap you up like a blanket on a cold winter’s evening

Like the falling petals of wilted rose, let go…

Follow the wind wherever it goes

And be light like a drifting feather in the breeze

Look out at the rolling seas and never wonder what lies on the other side

Dip both feet in the water

Listen to the aqua tides…

As they rise and fall…

They hum a whimsical song…

Go fall in love…

With the everchanging skies

Sparkling blue eyes

In a tapestry of pastel tiles

Dance against the edge of a wonderous coastline

Just smile…

Be gentle with your gestures…

Like the sweetness of peach tea

Reach out your hand…

Steal a kiss while pressed against a balcony

Go wander under a lavender canopy…

With the sun as your company

Take a fragrant breath of lilac air

There is so much to love

So little to fear

Dream in peace

And hold the belief that new beginnings

Always follow a painful end….

Take a leap, my friend…

Go fall in love with life…again and again and again


Natalie Nascenzi is a poet, author and copywriter based in Manhattan, New York City.

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