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spilled honey - Sara Surani

unkind thoughts cling to the inside of my mind like honey

flowing between the folds of my brain

until every gap is coated with thick, sticky residue

the most destructive thoughts are the stickiest

i kneel on the floor of my mind

and try to clean the sticky thoughts

with minty rosewater and loving whispers

but no matter how hard i scrub

months after they appear

they still cling to the deepest parts of my consciousness

when the water and whispers don’t work

i try to cover the sticky thoughts with kind thoughts

for kind thoughts are much sweeter than honey

they twirl around my mind

shining colorful lights

leaving a trail of colorful shadows

the kind thoughts are always comforting:

sometimes they feel like a delicious cool breeze

other times like a warm cup of

ginger lemon tea

but the kind thoughts do not cling to me

they slip right between the cracks of

my mind like silk ribbons

when i try to hold on to their silky sweetness

they dance through the spaces between my fingers

sometimes leaving a sweet memory

other times a strange stickiness

that i hope to one day appreciate


Sara Surani is originally from the coastal city of Corpus Christi, Texas, but calls many places (and people) home. She graduated from Harvard University and works at the intersections of health, education, gender, and storytelling. She considers herself an archeologist of people: someone who loves working with others to support them in digging and discovering the treasures inside of themselves. She is currently based in Albuquerque, New Mexico and has previously written for StoryCorps.

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1 Comment

Maggie Sanders
Maggie Sanders
Dec 29, 2021

I love this...thank you so much <3

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