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Stained-glass mirror - Niccolò Fantin

Rhodonite —

A blushing flush of coral, The

devoted mirror

for your conscience, stationed, as

dilettante troopers, between my

own reverent irises,

Shifting, with every shadow of you, a

snapshot of each facet of your moon -

like gleam.

Your chin pointed at the unruly sky hovering the

mangrove-curled chaos of your hair: I set out to

slip under your tongue,

forge a home between the cracks in

your teeth and mimic the taste of fresh

apricots and spring-stained lips.

I am nothing but stained glass, a fleeting

impression of the architecture of you, one

kaleidoscopic analogue of your subsistence.


Niccolò Fantin is an aspiring writer with a passion for poetry and journalism. He is also a recent college graduate that just embarked on a Master’s degree in human rights and overall literature fanatic. This is the first time Niccolò has submitted some of his poems for publication, but Niccolò has self-published, for personal pleasure, his first poetry collection “Ephemeral Souls Fade in the Summer” last year.

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