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To Live is to Love and to Give - By BJ Gonzalvo

Love is not an easy word to explain

No art picturesque enough to paint it,

No music beautiful enough to sing it.

No rhyme or reason, no mathematical equation to represent it.

Love is not for the calculating type because someone who loves loves unconditionally.

Someone who loves doesn’t ponder “if-then” statements,

For love is instinctual, natural, and intuitive.

Love is not just for the intellectuals nor the… “emotionals.”

Love is a lot more than being a sentient being feeling what another sentient being feels.

Love is more than sympathy and empathy.

It is more than putting oneself in someone else’s shoe or even walking a mile in it.

Love is more than passion and compassion.

It is more than the desire to feel pleased or satisfied.

Love is more but love is enough.

Love is patient, love is kind…

Love is felt when it is received, but better understood when it is given.

The love I received as a child from my parents, I felt it, beheld it, and cherished it.

But love is meant to be nurtured, cultivated, and perpetuated.

And only when it was my turn to give it that I better understood it.

Love is singing my little baby to sleep. Love is waking up at 2am to change a wet diaper.

Love is sitting quietly, to listen to their broken heart.

Love, charity, generosity go hand in hand with life, perpetuity and infinity.

Love is a gift that stops being a gift when it is no longer gifted. Unconditionally given, unselfishly shared.

To live is to love, to love is to give.

There is no other greater love than to lay down one’s life for another.


BJ Gonzalvo is a psychologist and an immigrant from the Philippines who retraces the indigenous roots of his core value of kapwa as a way to help rediscover and reframe the sacredness of our interconnectedness. His writing has appeared in Northwest Catholic, Busted Halo, FilCatholic, and Mind & Spirit. He is the author of several books including Gift of Kapwa and Lead Like the Saints (Paulines Publishing).  

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