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Shadow Losses - Sam Illingworth

I don’t have more free time.

I have felt burnt out,

compelled to refrain

from complaining

about doing schoolwork,

about loss of income,

about living alone,

about how to process change.

My losses could be worse,

I sometimes feel guilty

for even comparing

to those who have experienced

the death

of loved ones.

I have to remind myself that

my problems are real,

my feelings are valid,

my pain does matter.

I’m still trying

to give myself

the permission

and room

to grieve

those losses.


Sam Illingworth is an Associate Professor at Edinbugh Napier University, whose work and research involve using poetry to help develop dialogues between different audiences, and to give voice to the underheard and underserved. He is also the founder or Consilience, the world's first science & poetry peer-reviewed journal, which aims to give a platform to new voices in order to help diversify science.

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