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Sonnet for Post-Divorce Photosynthesis - Riley Danvers

The silence between us is so loud

it leaves the taste of d y i n g wood on my

tongue, a da rk ne ss filled with

echoes of      y o u r      skin, drowning out

the sky with perpetual                                     nothing.

I don’t know if I will ever again

see ocean blue reflected above.

Wind falls. Rain howls.

And snow billows into froths of mist

laced with frozen whispers. Air chills

under the weight of this                      nothing.

Y  o  u      hold out      y    o    u    r       hands, an offering

of                                 penance, of                              promise,

but only emptiness swirls in      y     o     u     r      palm prints.


Riley Danvers is a bisexual poet and author living in Portland, OR.

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