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The Body is a Well - K. Hartless

The body is a well.

Flesh, the sacred source of water,

and solemn each hand that draws

wisdom from the waist.

Each motion is monastic:

ebb of elbows,

swirl of scapulars,

flow of forearms,

all divine parts of humankind.

Raw pleasures flow here.

Drink desire from this well

that reflects at each of us

the seraphic self, gateway to all.

The body is a well,

and down below, a sea of shoulders,

the sturdy sails of strong thighs,

the irrigation lines of index fingers

all pointed towards our psychic physique.

Demanding we loosen ourselves

within a deep-sea of delight

that flows through the flesh.

And the droplets of water,

the sweet honeymoon heat,

that shakes lustfully free

falling back into the well,

these are my poems

that will righteously rejoin

with the fleshy flow

of the life-giving waters below.

Soul Vacation

When I escape the tomb of my body,

I’ll wander the streets of Savannah,

Fried green tomato friends,

meet with you in our outdoor living room,

breeze speaking for me, a vox humana.

When my soul takes its long vacation,

I’ll serenade the Grand Canalazzo,

a gondolier releasing sighs while

practicing my mind’s permutations,

blowing speckled glass clouds on Morano.

When my spirit makes its final move,

I’ll slip into a coral reef ball gown,

wear lapis lazuli islets as earrings,

the promenade between sand-fringed motus,

surf Shipstern Bluff just to hear the sound.

When my body gives its pink slip,

I’ll soar the Sacred Valley,

draw infinity signs as Nazca lines,

sculpt rock on a Ballestas Island tip,

glide Belen Floating Market’s watery alleys.

Oh, Happy Day!

Heaving off the heaviness,

to bask in love’s genteelness.


K.Hartless is a traveling writer with a passion for penning horror, fantasy, and science-fiction. She has recently been published in Luna Station Quarterly, Visual Verse, and Last Girls Club. When she's not editing her upcoming novel, Fascination, you can find her teaching writing and adult literacy in the Washington D.C. area. Her blog, Yard Sale of Thoughts, offers bizarre treasures for readers to explore. Please enjoy these three poems written about the human experience.

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