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Train B - Katelyn Brown

it's twelve o’clock here,

the clock tower said so

the train comes at twelve,

So where are you?

I know you wouldn’t leave me here

without a reason,



Is traffic backed up?

Did your alarm never go off?

Are you alive?

Why aren't you here?

You know how much

I hate train rides alone

I’m scared of sitting with strangers,

and your shoulder

is so much nicer

to rest on

than the foggy window.


The last call was 37 seconds ago,

I counted

I am counting


I stole a window seat

from a pregnant lady

so I could continue

to stare at the bare platform

Where are you?


the conductor instructed the doors to be shut.

I halted him

to beg for a minute more

he brushed me along

and walked me back to my seat

in silence, suggesting

to stay seated.





The man next to me smells putrid

I miss your cologne

Where are you?


The train left.

We’re not stopping anymore.

I hope you catch the next one.

I’ll be waiting.


Katelyn Brown is 20 years old, a poet and currently attends Rutgers University seeking a major in English and creative writing. She is very active in the local open mic and poetry community. She is now working on her first manuscript and hopes to publish a poetry collection soon you can find her on instagram @ Katelynbrownpoetry

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