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Unfriending Grief - Cathie Boruch

Sarah – I introduced that /bitch to my oldest and dearest friend!!!

Stranger – so nice of you

Sarah – Yea? Well then she STOLE her from me!

Stranger – Bitch! (Holds up he glass to the bartender implying “another round”)

– Thief… User (they clink glasses and do a shot)

Sarah – What am I going to do? I am giving away my most precious things to people because I want to be friends with them and for them to comfort me while I am grieving

Stranger - let’s put it this way, if they take the stuff … it’s a sign they probably weren’t your friend in the first place

Sarah – well then THAT’S even a bigger loss. Time … all the T I M E time I have wasted thinking they were my friends!

Stranger – look I don’t want to make you feel bad but you’ve probably done a million stupider things than just spend time with people who secretly hate or resent you... I’m guessing here but have you ever given money or paid for random dudes you were dating?

Sarah – why? Well … yes! I have … I mean at FIRST they show you a nice time spending cash etc. then when you become intimate they pull the rug out from under you and begin taking advantage under the guise of being a boyfriend’s kind of person

Stranger – yea I figured as much … hey do you have the next round?

Sarah – oh right sure of coarse

(Stranger put his hand up to signal “stop”)

Stranger – I’m going to have to stop you right there … I mean shy of having sucker written or tattooed on your forehead you just fell for the oldest trick in the book.

Sarah – I did?

Stranger – yes. You did.

Sarah – What was it? May I ask?

Stranger – not letting someone do something nice for YOU !

Sarah – how so?

Stranger – believe it or not people will have an agenda but sometimes it just to be a nice person... So, this rounds on me!


Cathie Boruch is a New York City actress, comedian, and filmmaker. Her one-woman show, Downtown Mermaid was featured in The One Festival, United Solo, and The People’s Improv Theatre. As a stand-up comedian, she’s known for her infectious enthusiasm and stream of consciousness style of humor. She’s produced and hosted a variety of comedy shows including the popular, Ten Penny Comedy in lower Manhattan. Cathie is an expert in the punk rock scene of the ’70s and ’80s. Her work at WBAI Radio prompted weekly segments where she interviewed music legends; Les Paul, Eddie Money, Carl Perkins, Bo Didley, Davey Jones, and Joey Ramone to name a few. Eventually, her work culminated in the radio documentary Johnny Thunders Memory. You can listen to the audio version at The Paley Institute in Manhattan. Her unique photography has been featured at The Bowery Electric and Chelsea Arts Gallery. Her short film Behind The Mask, The World According To Covid, won Best Comedy Short at the Marina Del Rey Film Festival in 2021 and Continues to expand the award winning series through 2022. Recent work also includes work at The Metropolitan Opera NYC.

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