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We Promise from Truth - R.H. Alexander

Tell me your stories about Goddess

And I will tell you what I asked her for.

Tell me how hard you had to unlive grief

And I will tell you how it rings like a wish.

We can meet somewhere these things never happen,

Pluck at the job of imagining, wear the right costumes

Let our hair down, let the rest have theirs up

In those stuffy old hats.

We can giggle up the lost laughter found

For the best things done right

For all the time in the world we had

Like rewards for finding each other at last.

This is what I asked; take all my wishes,

But I get to keep the one comes to mind

When I look into your face

And find what joy can do,

Its metronome counting out the thrill,

You in the wild rain in your Sunday dress.

Later, wiggling toes to crack off the mud

You tell me what is next and I believe every word.


R.H. Alexander is the pen name for Keith Hagen. He lives in Minnesota and his poetry has been in a number of anthologies over the past several years. His first chapbook will be published by Raw Earth Ink this coming year.

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