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1st Place 2023 Summer Poetry Winner: atlas fell - Monet Daley

this hurt in my veins

is getting heavy

but i’ll keep holding on

‘til my back is numb and sweaty

i should ask for help

but i don't really need somebody

and even if they’re there,

they believe that lie already

my lungs are bursting

like confetti

i can feel my bones,

they’re snapping like spaghetti

i’m more sticks than stones

as my limbs get unsteady

and when they finally give in,

i almost find it funny

i can hear the blood

crying underneath the ground

begging on its knees,

screaming “someone let me out

and even though i’m

welling up with tears for the body

i can feel a smile

on my shoulders as it’s buried


Monet Daley

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