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2nd Place Poetry Winner: orchid eye - Jennifer Platts-Fanning

look into my orchid eye

and I'll tell you a story about psilocybin sex,

how to melt into another

with full chimera absorption.

honeycombed echo’s of deep earth

as red sandstone soil covered

buried treasure

of soft flowing unconditional red fur.

grief and earthen closure, follow the sound

of The Churning Machine of Decomposition

welcoming, one and all, into its subterranean cocoon.

an embrace we all must accept, with adventurous willingness

like stepping into an azure portal sea,

gasses swirling around bare feet in great currents,

gently sucking velvet toes with its silk waves

into the cosmic Great Unknown.

Friction, oh sweet Friction,

the core of pleasure

of lung walls swelling with rapid silver breath;





of winter woodstove warmth, igniting the spinning gears, in new loves' lubricated stomach.

Friction of cinnamon-spiked mouth

tasting raw animal flesh

blood dripping along edges of deified full lips

bowing in cult worship for another;

for another, sacred bite.

of exquisitely applied pressure

squirming bountifully on oyster pearls

inside secret red bedroom dream caves of exalted Himeros.

this dance

All innately know the steps to

connecting, one and all, to Mother Earth's life-spawning orgasms

twisting our bodies for that end

firming and softening in tune with another

delivering, onto, another

an expression, expressed, with full anatomical devotion and giving over of one's body.

open yourself,

to be stung by the wasp

itched by the black fly

fall from the swaying tree

summer scraped bicycle knees.

swim with jellyfish, not fearing their tentacles.

allow the knowledge to build up

to soar above Mount Ganymede.

Be Experienced.

use the tricks of nature to learn more about The Melting,

and how pain can lead pleasure

and pleasure

can be the connection to the Eternal.


Jennifer Platts-Fanning is a recipient of a 2022 Island Literary Award for her poetry collection, “sanctuary drift”, a 2020 Island Literary Award for her short story, "Four Thieves Vinegar” and the 2022 Battle Tales VII champion for her poetic creation myth, "The Book of Threads". Her poetry was selected for publication in The Write Launch literary magazine’s June 2022 edition. Her work has found its way onto various theatrical stages, including, "Held to the Fire" chosen for Watermark Theatre's 2018 Play Reading Series, "An Answer to the Question on Death" staged at Fridays with Fringe in 2019 and her dystopian fable, "Apple Bones" performed at the 2021 PEI Community Theatre Festival. She belongs to the highly creative PEI GIFted Genre Writing Group, where her writing is published in the annually released GIFt Horse anthology.

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