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2nd Place Poetry Winner: Sunset - Alexandra Love

Deliver my heart to the river

And dip it down to its deep depths

For I never saw the sun rise

I only saw it set

The light disappeared that day

Along with you

It took your laughter

And my soul too

Grab my hand from the dark

And pull with all of your might

For my heart will die soon

And I just want to see the light

Wrap the soft seaweed tendrils

Around my hearts veins

And have it hold me close

Like the mother I’m yet to gain

Be the one to end my pain

And pull me up into the sunset

Out from the deep dark river

And fish my heart from its depths

Bring the hook into the soft flesh

And watch the blood dribble

And the little dark spots

Where the fish had nibbled

Even though I might now be whole

I will never be complete

For deep down that river

Still holds my defeat


Alex Love is an 11 year old young writer and is inspired by poetry. Alex wants to evoke emotions through poetry and describes herself through it as well. She has been writing poetry all her life and enjoys it more than anything.

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