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After Autumn Comes Winter - Cathy Hollister

Fall leaves, orange and red

stream over jagged rocks

of loss, disappointment, broken hearts

lie in wait, unseen, forgotten

below the silky surface

that reflects the lush green vines

snaking along the shore

wild flowers struggling up through the wet soil

squiggling earthworms

in fertile loam

time floats by in a carefree farewell

calm and sweet as the memory of honeysuckle

on a late summer evening


flow over me in tranquil waves

flow through me in quiet vibrations

flow around me in protection

flow on by, leave me in peace


Cathy Hollister is an older writer whose poetry often explores the treasures embedded in age, isolation, and continual readjustments. When not writing you might find her on the dance floor enjoying the company of friends or deep in the woods enjoying the peace of solitude.

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