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All this time thinking - Alexandia Leonard

That clock lurks behind my head,

it spits the torture of time in my face-

ticking with a clacking of taping fingers,

clicking in the crevice' of my ears

leaving a constant ringing.

Wow, I can't stop helping the uneasy

grin smeared on my face.

Filling the void of suffocation with all this smoking,

my eyes can't stop blinking from all the forgotten

restless nights left alone and sleepless.

Dear oh dear, my heart is shrinking,

what can we do with all this thinking?


Alexandria Leonard, is a twenty seven year old mother and aspiring writer. She distinctly remembers when she found her love for writing- she was in the eighth grade English class, and her teacher was reading the poem she had submitted for her writing contest. It was to be about your favorite color, and anything correlating that color to oneself. Her favorite color was blue, so she wrote about the ocean and how people like herself find themselves sitting beside it getting lost in its healing tides- she had won the contest. She feels as though a strength of hers is being able to captivate readers within her description. Readers find themselves immersed in emotions through her words and feel every thought as if they’d been there before. Alexandria can hook people with words that they feel as they experienced and felt for themselves at one point in time.

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