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Ashes - S R R Nandy

Flashes of life mingled with death’s lashes, purged his intimacy with survival.

He quarrelled with a quagmire of questions,

endured his miracles, miseries,

past sketching a constellation of consequences,

as an enemy’s gnarly fingers curled around his throat, diminished his life.

Dark tunnel cocooned him, painted eyes with bedazzling light,

he embraced the inevitability of a journey to heaven’s gates, plunged.

Not skin, gender, faith, or ancestry shackled his destiny,

pantheons crafted by his actions forged his fortunes in the afterlife.

If only he could rise from annihilation’s ashes,

harness life forces afresh, undo his sins.


Sarah grew up in a multi-cultural, inter-continental environment, now based in London. She is currently working on her first novel and enjoys writing about strong female characters based on Asian mythology and ancient history. She is actively swapping her interest in technology with a passion for words. She is an emerging freelance journalist on women’s issues and studies creative writing during her free time.

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