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At what cost… - Rhi Cork

Long unsociable hours, lack of social life, damaged relationships.

It becomes normal.

Mood drops, productivity drops, morale drops.

What causes this? Who causes this?

Standing outside, Dallas key in hand, an impending sense of doom washing over your body.

In your head you recite your daily mantra “another day another dollar”. That’s how this is supposed to go…

isn’t it?

Another 12-hour day

another target to hit

another customer screaming in your face.

All this day in day out

very little credit

very little pay

very little satisfaction.

How can the “front line” be left scraping by and drifting through life day in and day out knowing those higher up are living comfortably

Another day smelling of alcohol even though you haven’t drunk a drop.

Another day of checking a rota hoping tomorrow is your day off

Another day of being recognised as a number instead of an actual human being.

another day filled with people threating to get you sacked.

Take a deep breath…

Put the Dallas key on the till…

Wait…don’t forget to smile

“Hi, what can I get for you?”

YES! Nailed it!

The walk home gives you a chance to think about things, other than pouring pints.

You know this isn’t healthy.

The list of phone numbers the company auto sends

Paper Feels like lead in your pocket.

It weighs you down

Drags you down

Wears you down

So impersonal, so artificial.

As long as you’re pouring the pints, they’re making their money.

They Party with profits but at what cost?

They don’t know,

They’ll never know

They don’t care

They’ll never care

Another email

“Why wasn’t this done?”

Another text

“Why that hasn’t been chased up?”

Another phone call

“I need your help!”

Theres not enough hours in the day to fulfil the highest of expectations.

no matter how hard you try

you’re always a failure in someone else’s eyes

but always remember.

the customer comes first, the customer is always right

or rather

The customer is rarely right, and the business comes first

Respect left at the door as the guests wipe their feet upon you.

Another day…another dollar.



Rhi Cork works full time in hospitality, it's her first love. However, she feels its about time the world gets to know about being on the other side of the bar. Her work is generally fiction however I often include real life events.

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