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Black hole - Janelle Finamore

Rushing towards extinction on a Ferris wheel of doubt

The heavy night air like an elephant thickens my heart with lust

You look in the mirror at the unmasked moon and beg for its glow

The wind clothed in desperation and desire striving to become a quiet monk

You strangle the wind while the circles whir, us a tangled mess

Licking my wounds as the darkness swallows us into it’s mouth.

We fear a black hole ending

As we move recklessly, sliding down the throat of the night sky.


Janelle Finamore is a musician, poet, teacher, and fairy tale writer located in Orange County, CA. She was Poet of the Month for Moon Tide Press and her fairy tale “The Girl Who Stuck Out Like a Sore Thumb” was published in Bohemia magazine. Her poem “Space Shop” was also published. Her poems were also featured in Poet Magazine online and the Academy of the Heart and Mind. Her writing is inspired by the beat poets as evinced in her self-published book “The Power of Silly Putty and Lipstick Kisses”, available on Amazon. She has featured her book in poetry venues in California including The Ugly Mug in Orange and many more.

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