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blue like - Alexandra McIntosh

swimming pool algae

thick tiled walls green like fibrous

branches waving arms under water

stored up all winter now exposed

to spring air chemicals rust colored

swirling arcs of red dissolve

like the scab on my knuckles

chlorine sores on my father’s hands

broken nails my mother’s insistence

he needs a manicure the latex

gloves he wears in later years to keep

his fingers from drying out to stop the peeling

my mother’s worry green like blooming

like spring time like family like love


Alexandra McIntosh lives and writes in Kentucky, her favorite place in the world. Her debut book of poetry, Bowlfuls of Blue, is available from Assure Press. She received her B.A. from Asbury University, her M.A. in English from Northern Kentucky University, and her MFA in Poetry from Miami University. Her poetry and creative nonfiction can be found in publications including The Raw Art Review, Broad River Review, Allegory Ridge, River River Journal, and Griffel Magazine. You can find links to her publications and pictures of her dog on her website

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