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Dandelion Wine - GJ Gillespie

Finding destination Surging through our breast Hurtling with watchfulness Past lights of blur Fleeting signs manifest In the rushing blackness Feeble progression Stop now for a drink Sleeping off the dreams Boundless desires Loom like candy cotton Ready for a fix Stations of refuge Fill us with elixir The gods know satiation And angels dance on pins Dandelions blow parachutes Into our field of view Showing ghostly attributes Until weeds crowd out our breath And the final sip is due


GJ Gillespie is a writer and artist living in a 1928 Tudor Revival farmhouse overlooking Oak Harbor on Whidbey Island (north of Seattle). In addition to natural beauty, he is inspired by art history -- especially mid century abstract expressionism. The “Northwest Mystics” who produced haunting images from this region 60 years ago are favorites. Winner of 19 art awards, his art has appeared in 56 shows and numerous publications. His academic papers on communication theory have appeared in several journals. He publishes poems on his blog.

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