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Everything in New York Goes BANG! - Robert Galinsky

Citibike rental dock, bang!

Times Square midnight strike clock, bang!

Wall street steep deep stock drop, bang!

The vibrations of an investment bankers head

Cements on the sidewalk after jumping

From a building in debt of dread, now he she they them dead…

Everything in New York Goes Bang!

Singles bar car cock hop, bang!

Find a fine fun young hot thot, bang!

Too tight contraceptive electric bike pop, bang!

The sound of embryos crying in your head

Phantom echoes of spontaneous parenthood spawn

A lifelong “what if” because of the need to jump from club to bed

Everything in New York Goes Bang!

High priced restaurant sticker shop shock, bang!

Birthday brunch balloon party pop, bang!

Table side robbery, they’re not all bad cops! bang!

The noise of wailing police sirens a flarin’

Random rogue officer’s guns firin’ like a Karen

While all I want and am carin’ for, is food fairly fed

Everything in New York Goes Bang!

Late night raw enforcement unwarranted no-knock, bang!

One breath one shot all you got, bang!

Unregistered out of state plate planted AK47 GAT Glock, bang!

Forced entry via a whizzing bead of lead

Your instincts know there’s no pulling back or safety

If a criminal wears a badge instead

Everything in New York Goes Bang!

Trap doors steel gates slap on blacktop, bang!

Combination locks latch keys all flop, bang!

Top notch car alarms security systems do nothing to crime stop, bang!

You say it’s bought and paid for with your hard-earned bread

Therefor it’s no one else’s, it’s all yours and only yours, kept in good stead

But in this city, that’s as real as a guilty verdict

At a driving while black stop sign bleeding red

Because Everything in New York goes… BANG.


Robert Galinsky is a multifaceted director, actor, poet, playwright, prison youth activist. Galinsky most recently directed and produced the Off-Broadway solo show, “Tripping on Life”, written and performed by eighty year old Hollywood horror icon Lin Shaye. He also recently lectured at Oxford University on “Literacy & Teenagers in Prison”, teaches at the Juilliard School, has directed & co-authored over 50 TEDx Talks, and he debuted Off Broadway at the Cherry Lane Theater in his critically acclaimed solo show “The Bench, A Homeless Love Story” directed by Jay O. Sanders, presented by Barry “Shabaka” Henley. Galinsky was selected to perform his iconic poem “Five Fights” at the 2022 Whitney Biennial (where it remains in the permanent collection.) He is recognized, and extolled, for his work as head speaker coach of TEDxTeen as well as for his unique ability to engage incarcerated and imprisoned youth with literacy, writing, and theatre while also taking the same methodologies and successfully applying them to CEO’s, lawyers, professional athletes, and scientists. He will premiere a “vigourous” reading of his new one person show: “Everything in New York Goes BANG!” at the Jefferson Market Library in January 2024.

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