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harbor - Morgan Scott

butterflies overflow the abdomen

in synchrony-

marching toward an endeavor,

from which one could never return.

on the contrary,

she was willing to explore,

any notion of rebuilding honor.

summoning the banshee,

concern is at once declared.


stay away from the corrupt.

having absolutely no idea,

that she was an avid thrill-seeker.

this flared the fire within,

magnetism formed electricity;

binding the once-distant strangers together-

at once, they must coexist as secret lovers.

realizing that this is not how she desired her transformation to play out.

restricted within the walls of her new home;

abandoned and sobbing in solitude,

intoxicated with fabricated glee and joy.

at once, the skipper declared-

drop the anchor!


Morgan Elizabeth Scott is a 25-year-old woman. She was born and raised in West Pittston, Pennsylvania, but currently resides in Norfolk, Virginia. Morgan started writing in high school, where she served as a member of the school's journalism club for several years. In her adult life, she ended up joining military service, and she presently is a Navy veteran. Morgan is a homeowner who now works as a host for Airbnb and writes when she has moments of free time. Morgan's writing style is primarily narrative poetry and dramatic poetry.

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1 Comment

Adnan E.
Adnan E.
Nov 22, 2023


What kind of freedom do you want?

Economic or psychological?

Loneliness or Friendship?

What kind of freedom do you want?

Emotional or spiritual?

There is little honesty for humanity

In a world where fraud abounds

What kind of freedom do you want?

What kind of freedom do you want?

You are rich but the problems do not end.

You are poor, but the needs never end.

Maybe you are a popular person and your responsibilities never end.

There is no complete freedom in this world

If there is no love, respect, honesty, trust

Living the way you want, following the rules

Living by loving our country and its people

A happy world away from war and in favor of…

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