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Life lessons - Kara Dunford

You answer the phone.

Life as you know it ends.

The voice speaking to you, once

the place where all your hours were kept,

begins to change.

He’ll be a stranger by tomorrow.

Your heart hangs on every word, wishing,

praying, struggling to make it make sense,

waiting for clarity that won’t come.

What comes after this?

As the weeks pass, the unknowns only

grow greater.

Because no one taught you how to

wait for news from divorce lawyers,

stop loving when the choice wasn’t yours.

Shelve dreams and

reassemble pieces of a heart smashed by shock.

But you are learning.

You are learning how to

reintroduce yourself with your once-again name,

stitch together the still-to-come and

let go of the what’s-not-to-be.

You are teaching yourself a new

way to measure the world.


Kara Dunford is a writer and nonprofit communications professional living in Washington, DC. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in The Dalloway, Brave Voices Magazine, and boats against the current. Find her on Twitter @kara_dunford.

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