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“Mourning You” - Molly Marr

In blues and blacks bereft

Tear droplets fall.

Cloudy skies heed

Not the drops of blood.

Why this hole,

Why these dark tears?

Why no sunshine peers

Through my smeared windows?

All forgotten, yes;

Heart abandoned, left.

Little, not lost, is past.

Present, chaotic and listless.

Scented roses once were.

White clouds, skies blue, flew over.

Laughter, joyous, rang out

Amidst dell, forest and clover.

Why now the heavy silence?

Why does the crow call alone?

It is black and gray, raw.

All the geese have flown.


Molly Marr is an avid creative writer when she's not working the graveyard shift walking the halls of the local hospital. She is a world traveler, international volunteer, personal blogger, poet and daydreamer. She has a BA in English from Southern New Hampshire University and a MS in Psychology from Grand Canyon University. Her poetry has been published with the Brooklyn Brush, Blessed Is She, StartleBloom Literary Review Vol. 5 & Vol. 6 and Underwood Press. Genre of Literature: Poetry

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