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Napalm - Raymond Hoffman

Christmas tree lights in my head

Perched to be exploited…

Balloon with the air let out

Hissing all the time… because it whines

The inferno in me wants me to burn

Because it feels right

Christmas trees lit are under pressure—they know if they dry up the whole building will be in flames

So you have to be festive when you decorate—and avant-garde with who you decorate with

Maximalist at heart with pleasure

Nomads tend to wander to find a better part of the steppe

With a phallus as a Swiss Army Knife,

Paddling in northern China building a trench

22 year old Midwesterner with psychosis looking for a frigate to save him from the deep end

Impulsivity a catalyst for losing everything

I don’t care if you’re married, if you have a tunnel you can help me in the trench

Two staged rocket—

Already psychotic

Be a launchpad

So I can get even further from earth

Ripple through the galaxy like I got a mission—

Even if it’s delusional

Another N1

Get myself on disconnect in the vacuum

Even if I come down Iike napalm.


Raymond Hoffman has a background in political science and Southeast Asian Studies. He has taught in China for many years and currently is a fifth grade teacher in the Midwest. Poetry writing has been used by him as a coping mechanism for bipolar disorder for over a decade now. Sylvia Plath has always been a great source of inspiration, as has been Albert Camus. He has previously been published in the Sad Girls Club literary blog, Beyond Words Literacy Magazine, and Cathexis Northwest Press.

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