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Nothing Wasted, Nothing Gained - Cathy Hollister

The high perch of age has a long view

of the scrappy road of missteps,

mistakes, stubbed toes, and split ends.

Selfish squandering,

endless days lost

to the dark well of teenage angst.

Barren years spent on female vanity,

hollow hours, gone forever.

Wasted moments,

precious in their pointlessness.

Shyness created courage.

Image birthed empathy.

Failure bought tenacity.

Adult accomplishments,

created in carelessness.

When I was a child,

I thought as a child,

I played as a child.

Now a woman

I appreciate girlish things.


Cathy Hollister was a Finalist in the Ageless Authors 2020 Coping with Crisis writing contest. Her work has been in Open Door Magazine, Beyond Words Magazine, Smoky Blue Literary and Arts Magazine, Poet’s Choice anthologies, and others. She lives in middle Tennessee. Genre: Poetry

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