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PASS OVER - Carole Glasser Langille

Your life. Your double shift. The washing

of the hands. My

wake up call. To the E.R..

My makeshift

mask. Your lack of staff.

No room. My rude (was I rude?) and shift-

ing accusations. Who will

be passed over? Whose will over

or undertaken? Your double shift.

The washing of the hands.

Your underhanded (I thought)

refusal to let me

see her. My wail. My mother's

shunt. The leak. The second and last

or next to last repair.

Whose door, marked, unremarkable? The violence

of separation. The herb, bitter.

The pox, the sores

multiplied tenfold. Boils, blood

in the water. The cries

like a shofar. Why is tonight

different? The last days. Whose eulogy

unspoken? Your life, redoubted, doubled

over. Passing over. The washing of the hands.


Carole Glasser Langille Author of 5 books of poetry, 2 collections of short stories and the non-fiction book "Doing Time" about giving writing workshops in prison. Nominated for the Governor General's Award in Poetry, The Atlantic Poetry Award and the Alistair MacLeod Award for Short Fiction.

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