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I’m here for my family, friends, and employees, too.

Like the genie, I have three wishes to grant you.

I would love to take some time for me, but it seems so out of reach,

I could only ever dream of spending alone time at the beach.

I savor all the moments I can go shopping just me alone,

Feeling like the queen I am, with my crown upon my throne.

In reality, I’m at Kroger, pushing groceries in a cart,

But for me I think, “This is just the beginning of some trends that I will start.”

I would love to just relax, take a bath, and have a drink,

It doesn’t seem so hard, but it’s more challenging than you think.

I would love to sit and chill, watch a movie by myself,

But the kids want to host a sleepover, and they need some homework help.

My Saturday is gone, because I have work to do,

And though I love my job, I like my freedom, too.

My family wants to visit, but I don’t want to entertain,

So, I tell them, “Sure, that’s fine,” knowing my true desires are in vain.

Day comes in and day goes out and I see all that I’ve helped,

But at the close of every day, I wish I’d helped myself.

Self-neglect is real when you care for others,

Taking on huge roles, like that of boss and mother,

But recognition is the key to a future of self-care.

I’m telling everyone now, so that you are aware.

Please don’t be discouraged if I say, “No,” or, “Not right now,”

Because I will be “doing me,” as soon as I learn how.


As a child, Ashley Young grew up spending countless hours sitting on the floor of the children's section of the local library. She fell in love with rhyme and and word play, which led to her love of writing poetry.

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