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Social Media - Vincent Vecchio

Look at me.

Look at me.


Pick up the phone.

Put down the book.

Hang my heart

For “likes”

On fanatical fishhooks.

See my pet;

See my dinner;

& don’t forget

How much I’m thinner.

Scroll & scroll & scroll.

Internet lusting;

Internet trolls

That keep thrusting

Their generic junk

Into my DM’s.

Wanna see me face to face?

Give me a week’s notice,

Or, Lord, I’m cursin’ them

When they show up at my place.

Piss off, you. You person

Of normal encounters;

I’m done with the downers

Of “social interactions.”


Wholesome reactions

Like handicapped figure skaters:

Love’s on one end with warm embrace,

But the other is haters

when you fall on your face.


Vincent Vecchio is an on-and-off again writer from Vancleave, Mississippi. I’ve had poetry published in The Write Launch, The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, and forthcoming in The Evening Street Review. The genre I’m submitting to is poetry.

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1 Comment

Vincent Vecchio
Vincent Vecchio
Feb 14, 2022

If you guys enjoyed this poem, check out others like it at 🤓 peace and love, friends.

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