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Solstice - Ryan Rahman

Returning to this sun swept beach where our souls collided

It seems like a thousand years have passed between us

Yet I remember the raging fire as if it were just yesterday

A flaming passion that burned relentlessly like the scorched sand we stood upon

Amber radiance

Sea of sapphires

An eternal lust I can never forget

Fueled by obsession

Driven by desire

I traveled through space

Floated through time

Chasing you in countless dreams

In pursuit your body and mind

At last

I have reached my destination

This sacred ground of ours

As I enter your realm

Your heat consumes every part of me


Ryan Rahman resides in Florida but made a vow never to be bestowed with the title "Florida Man." Having lived in the Sunshine State for 20 years, he seems to have been successful so far. Working in the banking/financial industry by day and moonlighting as a writer by night, his poems have previously appeared in the following: Beyond Words Literary Magazine, The Stardust Review, Half and One, and BarBar. Genre: Poetry

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