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Summer Bike Rides - Alicia Drier

I used to know

a different kind of

midday summer sweat

when my world was once

less bone-dry concrete

and silvered sharp angles

that loomed past the sky

It was the kind of wet

that grumbled

after miles on the seat of a bike

(rust-red in some places from miscare)

past the smell of earth that blurred

in the edges of my vision

with each persistent turn of my pedals

Back then I lived exactly five miles

from anywhere interesting

but my feet always pointed

to one place from my front yard

straight up and a little to the right

your house out of sight at the end

of a lane flanked by cornfields

And so we passed several Julys together

drank too-sweet Kool-aid

basked in slanted light from a backyard pond

ran till we lost track of our breath

sat on a hilltop and sought out

the kind of sunburn

that wakes up and breathes

You and I

once exchanged words

as if our dreams were currency

as if every day was meant

for watching the sun slip into silence

until each star was certain

and singing above us


Alicia Drier is a recent transplant to Indianapolis, where she is a high school English teacher and bread shop aficionado. When she isn't writing or cohosting the podcast Lit Think, she is hiking with her partner and experimenting in the kitchen. She writes poetry.

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