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The American Greed - Kollin Kennedy

As my want continues the more wanting,

My wanting spirit seems to be haunting

The overconscious of my mind’s spirit,

With voices of other voice to hear it

Say unto me: follow by thy free will

That is never enough to get your fill,

So thy rank can approach the last of heights

That’s barrier to all but in thy sights.

Thus it speaks; & I hear it still as verse,

But I try best to reprimand the curse.

But, as I arrest myself from its work

I plead the fifth from the curses that lurk

That abuse myself with its arrowed lies

That may sling the death of me in all ties.

This innocence you play to save your face

From game, by prancing games in your own chase

That tags nothing for its embarrassment

In the lack of tags you’ve failed to consent,

Makes this game we play a play for lovers

Who’re not at consent to break false covers

And reprimand clean sheets for a new one

Since the verse previous had much to pun.

This innocence is cute for a favor

But the more does take away your flavor

And proves you inexperienced in love

Since you shelter with innocence above,

With nothing that helps the rules of the game

That are real to the bottom of a dame.


Kollin Kennedy is an emerging writer in the Dallas area and is currently a student attending the University of North Texas. He has self-published a few collections of poetry, including his recent 'Oedipus' and is currently working on a work of prose. He has written several short stories and has also published a play. (GENRE: POETRY) Instagram: kollinkennedy_

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