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When Life Loved Death - Grace Millican

Life and Death dance together in an eternal waltz

Circling us as we go down our paths

Taking and giving as they turn

Creating and destroying as they step

Their footsteps echo and tap in our ears

Too soft to notice at times

But ever-present

The volume grows in moments of celebration

The volume lowers in moments of mourning

Up and down Climbing the hills

And sinking below the horizon

Death steps up to us

The grass turning brown under his feet

With his pale, sinewy frame

And his billowing dark robes

His cold hand reaches out

And strokes our skin

Turning our lips blue

Our souls take his hand

And he leads us to the afterlife

And our loved ones cry

Life creates us all

The flowers bloom pink and yellow under her steps

With her rosy skin

And her flowing white gown

Her warm hands sculpt us out of clay

And shape our souls out of light

Warming our hearts and making them beat

Our feet follow her lead

And she leads us into the world

And we cry as we are blinded by the sun


Grace Millican is an education student specializing in English and reading. Grace loves writing poetry with nature themes. She has been previously published in McLennan Community College's magazine "The Stone Circle". Grace is submitting a poem she wrote focusing on life and death.

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Joanie Fritz Zosike
Joanie Fritz Zosike
20 jul 2022

Enjoyed this insightful poem, Grace. The last line of the final stanza makes me think of Plato's Allegory of the Cave. How blinding life can be, and how cold and yet comforting is the hand of death. Mirrors. Well done. Joanie HF Zosike

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