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You Put Your Faith in a Fifty Cent Wizard

located in a general store telling you your luck lies in the East, so you follow

Love down an interstate dripping with highway gospel and

local honey. You don’t know where you’re going, but every sign will tell

You you're going to Hell, as if you didn’t already put a Florida address into the GPS.

The Devil & God aren’t so different, Ecclesiastical details a marionette in their

righteous and unholy hands. The best and the worst of it always share

an address— Grapefruit juice, a faulty ignition, body dysphoria,

A jar of sweet nothings, a dusty Bible in the backseat

and her, sitting shotgun, asleep on your shoulder

a buck fifty to go. Rapture in every direction.


McKenna Fendley's heartbeat is found wildly, almost alarmingly pacing in the Florida heat making coffee. Last seen riding the line between silly and sincere, so it comes as no surprise they believe laughter and crying are the most sacred acts of human experience. If you have any information on their whereabouts, shut it. They intend on finding themselves. Their work has been in Nonbinary Review, Coffee People, and Beyond Words. Genre: Poetry

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