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Battery - Raymond Hoffman

I don’t know what to think

I’m a man who vomits

Care about my body in a way that is meant for women—or so I’ve been told and scolded

Feel like I owe an explanation for being sick

Why I get that urge

I don’t even know the source of what it is coupled to

Wish I did, as I would disconnect that battery quick

I was caught at sixteen—called a girl for it

Can’t say I want to be tethered to something I view makes me weird

Like my body is a totem to be treated in certain rigid way

Truly think a body is mechanical

It’s got all these outlets

A hole for fuel, which I refuse to amuse—cause it’s cruel and I like that

Like I get to claim what’s most important—my own nutrition

Cause the same hasn’t been true for my other outlets


So I commit to what I can

As a purpose.


Raymond Hoffman has a background in political science and Southeast Asian Studies. He has taught in China for many years and currently is a fifth grade teacher in the Midwest. Poetry writing has been used by him as a coping mechanism for bipolar disorder for over a decade now. Sylvia Plath has always been a great source of inspiration, as has been Albert Camus. He has previously been published in Beyond Words Literacy Magazine, Sad Girls Club literary blog, and Cathexis Northwest Press.

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