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Cosmos - Jamie-Lee

The cosmos,

a far cry from the land we call home.

Where the intangible is met with inquisition

and an innate conception.


I was just as unconventional.

An exploratory being seeking to be found

by those emboldened with a familiar curiosity

to tread the uneven surface of my uncharted territory.


She, was the bravest one of them all,

willing to tackle the journey.

Growing close to me without realizing she was

on the brink of discovery.


She’d been riddled with my cosmic dust,

and maybe that’s all it was.

A thick cloud formed,

blocking out the real version of myself.


The version that wasn’t as beautiful

as the constellations that stargazers were met with

upon initially encountering my solar system through their lens.


The materiality of my individuality

a mere dark rift.

Exposing the less than favorable aspects of my galaxy.


But for her,

I’d do whatever it took

to reignite its gaseous orbs.


Steadily contract them under the gravity

of the same cloud of particles.


Litter its abysmal sky of more light

to grant better visibility to her eyes.

Albeit, sheltering her

from as much of the truth of my dark matter

that I possibly could.


Jamie-Lee resides in HTX. She spends a lot of time writing flash fiction and blogging. Outside of writing, she enjoys engaging in outdoor activities, traveling, attending music festivals, and spending quality time with her loved ones.

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