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I Guess That’s Why They Call it the Blues - Bev Fesharaki

Overwhelming energy crowds the corner.

Nightmare-blue faces with gaping mouths

and eager eyes grasp our attention,

like neon flashing in a window,

or marauding monsters, eager to eat.

They steal the spotlight, abduct our eyes,

until, unable to look away, we stare.

We scan to satisfy a hidden space that aches

to feel the fracas, longs to view the wreckage

and join the fight. Isn’t there a secret spot

in us all, a place that wants to glimpse

the accident, watch the allure of evil

as it unfolds? Then, in a subtle swivel,

we look up, recognize the reimagined

sunlight, recover our better selves

and breathe a grateful sign of relief,

but we’ll never be able to stop looking.


Bev Fesharaki is an educator/poet. Her work has appeared in various journals including 3Elements Review, Bangalore Review, MORIA, and Typishly. She lives and writes overlooking Possession Bay in Mukilteo, Washington.

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