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I, Tartuffe - Kollin Kennedy

I, Tartuffe, am a man of Narcissus,

And am no fool to our own precipice:

Steeped & balance of our own love for none

With all loves considered under the sun.

I tell my heart, yet my heart tells another,

Though mine heart doubts to question on a lover

Since the love may be other than mine own

That’s well with love that grass & flowers hone;

I have nat’ral face & hold up a glass

To bring to health all that may drink alas;

I love, & toast by it to love no love

And allow what may that permits above;

I am Tartuffe, though I’m not what I am:

For I love the sheep to speak as a lamb.


Kollin Kennedy is an emerging writer in the Dallas area who has just recently graduated from the University of North Texas with his Bachelor’s in Creative English Writing. He has self-published a few collections of poetry, including his recent 'Oedipus', and is currently working on a work of prose. Genre: Poetry

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