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Life - Blake Sandberg

Life wants to happen.

Life waits to happen – it is waiting to happen.

In frozen water to thaw.

In bulbs sprouting without knowledge – not how deep the soil or fertile the land.

Blindly reaching out.




Seed pods.

Germinating life force.

Never ending only transforming and changing like a changeling.

Form to form.

Energy transfer.

Explosive force of life.

To expand.

To try!

Try to reach out.

Reach for the sky.

Reach for a breath.

A chance.


Blake Sandberg is an artist, writer, and musician. He lives and works in New York City. His writing has been published in Performing Arts Journal and The Red Hook Star Revue. Please Note: I am trying to submit to the Spring Poetry Challenge but it was glitching. So I am submitting here. I added an $11 donation so the fee is covered. Please consider this submission for the poetry contest. Thank you!

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