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Love affair - Patrick T. Reardon

He is the dung of

her dunghill, the

boil on her anxious

elbow, the ashes of

her children, her

cattle’s slit throats,

her crops afired.

Her own open wound.

She plays her piano

like a stevedore Mozart,

like it is a weapon of

mass production,

like the sun rises and sets

on earthquake syncopation,

like her steel fingers drill

through ivory and

into and through earth skin

to a core of thunder and

through, beyond, to a

broken morning, chanted

brokenly, like steel fingers

into innocent soil, like sins

injected in pure veins,

like a visit to hell and

back, like he will eventually

have to hear her.

He starts to put together

the barbed pieces of

her puzzle, knowing

most are missing but

lusting anyway in



Patrick T. Reardon, a three-time Pushcart Prize nominee, is the author of ten books, including the poetry collections Requiem for David (Silver Birch Press) and Darkness on the Face of the Deep (Kelsay). His memoir in prose poems Puddin’: The Autobiography of a Baby is forthcoming from Third World Press, and his chapbook The Lost Tribes will be published in January, 2022, by Gray Book Press. His poetry has appeared in America, Burningwood Literary Journal, Rhino, Meat for Tea, Under a Warm Green Linden and many other journals. This is a poetry submission

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