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moments - Olivia Klein

I’m dizzy with heart / break my bed just one / more time is all I wanted / with you I savored / moments / live in my mind / in the house you talked about owning / my heart / I put myself there / with you / all summer / we tend to our goats and chickens / maybe children / named after your mother who / you don’t talk / about the yard full of weeds / I plant daisies / and bliss / lingers long after the sun goes down on us / I didn’t need / black coffee next to you / was so romantic / you hated / that I loved / you / we danced / on the porch I pause // the way you look at me feels like forever // I loiter in the moments / the only thing you left / memories on my doorstep / there is no space / for anything new / like a clogged drain / my brain just a beehive / of June memories / stuck and swirling and rotting / I’m dizzy all over / again


Olivia Klein is a student at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. Olivia has previously been published in the New Medium Press “Riff/t” Issue and the Write Launch Literary Magazine May 2021 issue. Olivia spends her time sipping coffee, singing songs, and loving her cat, Otis.

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