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Onerous - K.G. Munro

Stamping the letter

A seal of rejection to my loved ones

Words contained in this envelope

My reasons for this departure

Selfish I know but is it selfless to stay?

When you don't love your husband

I've asked people, I've consulted God,

I've talked to my sister, I've meditated on it,

But the answer from my heart is unchanged

I can't continue trying to create a mirage

It's like trying to walk the Great Wall of China

Or fly when I'm tied up in chains

Insurmountable obstacle, that's what we are,

As I write your name across the front

Black letters, the poison that will break your heart

I'm sorry but I can't stay with someone that I don't love.


K.G. Munro is an author and poet. Here are a few of her writing credits: Oddball Magazine, Poetry Potion, Scarlet Dragonfly Journal, Splendeur Magazine, Green Ink Magazine, Feversofthemind.

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1 Comment

Andi Penner
Andi Penner
Aug 05, 2023

K. G. Munro: Thank you for your poem. Accepting responsibility for how we feel and acting on that knowledge can be onerous, but also freeing.

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