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Paris - Giuseppe Bartoli

Walking through Pigalle on a Sunday afternoon,

you know, the sort of thing couples tend to do,

we paused at a Chinese grocery store

where we bought two mugs for tea…

or was it for coffee? A symbol of our ceramic love

that like proud parents, we nursed use-after-use

until a sudden slip of my hand

caused one of the mugs to shatter beyond all repair.

You consoled my clumsiness with a kiss,

but without knowing it then: after that morning

we never saw each other again. The result

was more severe than we could’ve imagined:

How, with a single involuntary twitch

I accidentally broke both of our hearts.


Giuseppe Bartoli is an American-Peruvian poet, novelist, and freelance copywriter with seven published titles. Upcoming books include his first trilingual illustrated children's book and two new poetic offerings.

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