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The Earth’s Floor - MD Bier

The earth is so hard and dry it’s either cement or crumbles like dust

Wherever your eye gazes on the earth

There are huge fissures and finger deep crevices

More keep coming each day

Do you see the increase of wrinkles and creases in the earth’s skin each day?

Nothing has felt a drop of rain for at least a lunar revolution

The soil is so thirsty it’s gasping for waterless air

The earth holds the trees in its fierce, strong grip

How do you plant when the earth crumbles to dust?

How will it give the flowers and vegetables a home?

There is no strong grip for the smaller plants

Water provides the glue that holds it all together

Without water, the earth isn’t able to nourish all the living things

The birds have no insects, the plants wilt, the grasses are brown

The creatures are hungry and thirsty

We don’t live in the desert … feels like we have become the desert

The rains finally came, they came so hard and quick

The soil wasn’t able to drink and the life-giving water ran off like a river

Leaving the ground dry, cracked, and hard

Adam, born of dust of the ground

Eve from his rib

They are intertwined coming from clay, dust and God’s breath

Once they ate the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge

Did they become hard, rigid, and narrow like the people of today?

Unable to bend like the trees in the breeze

Intolerant and turmoil prevalent throughout the world

When will the paradigm progress?

Everyone always looks down at the earth’s floor

When will they start looking all the way up to the sky and take in the entire view?

Tears fall everywhere … there isn’t enough water to feed the earth

There is no solace without the rain


MD Bier’s writing reflects her passion for social change and social issues. Being part of the Project Write Now Community is where she writes and studies poetry. She has been published in the New Brunswick Poetry Anthology and the New Brunswick Windows on the World.

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