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The World We Live In - Tenora Charice (Tee)

Crazy thoughts fill inside

Feeling dizzy, like I’ll go blind

Feel like I'm about to lose my mind

I walk with pride

Can't stay inside my mind

Why is this world so angry inside

I stroll the streets and the beach

Lessons I’ll learn today or am I going to teach

Hard to reach these children today

Do they have the strength inside to sustain the pain

The man deals out today

We need to pray

Stay humble, stay peaceful and speak

Can't we learn to love each other

Be free together and walk with one another

Each and every day

Let me put this in another way

Do what you say

Say what you do

We on this journey together

Just me and just you

Let me show you the way

Take my hand

I’ll show you where we stand

Let's ride this out together

put aside our pride

Show the world what real love is

And they will join us hand in hand

Stronger men and women, is where we’ll land


Tenora Charice (Tee) uses her life experiences to not only help herself, but to help others in return. She has found that loving herself and others is much more gratifying than anything less. Love her or leave her!!

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