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Three Haiku Forecasts - Anne Gruner

Soon, we'll be frogless.

Some won't care till we're dogless.

For others, catless.

When thousand year storms

become annual, there'll be

no more denials.

Geography class

of the future: What is that

island? Florida.


Anne Gruner's work has appeared in "Constellations: Journal of Poetry and Fiction" (Pushcart-nominated short story), "Hippocampus Magazine," "Avalon Literary Review," "Silver Spoon Magazine," "Stories from Langley," "The Intelligencer," "The Cipher Brief," "War on the Rocks," "Chicken Soup for the Soul," and poetry in "Superpresent Magazine," "Old Mountain Press Anthology, Oops!" and forthcoming in "Beltway Poetry Quarterly" and "Jalmurra."

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